Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to Pass a Fingernail Drug Testing

New technologies for drug testing methods have been invented these days. One such test enables for the identification of drugs by getting and testing hair and fingernail samples have provided significant changes in the workplace and somewhere else.

A qualified person collects a small sample of scrapings or clippings from the person’s toenails or fingernails. These samples are secured, labeled and sent to a particular laboratory for examining. The samples at the lab are cleansed then liquefied and undergone to a sequence of tests. The tests identify the presence of illegal drugs that may have been consumed by the person as much as 8 months prior to the sample collection.

To make it possible to identify the consumption of a broader level of substances on a longer time frame, fingernail testing also tackles the opposition of those who consider urine testing to be an invasion of privacy and blood testing to be too physically invasive. Additionally, the normal five part test measures the residual presence of opiates, cocaine and PCP and cannabis drugs.  Additionally, home drug testing kits are now available to help you know if drug levels are found in your system. If you ever need one, you should consider a fair price, accuracy and confidentiality to help you pass a fingernail drug testing.

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